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Hilason New Zealand Wool Horse Saddle Pad Blanket Shock Buster Beige

  • TOP MATERIAL : Thick Tight Woven New Zealand Wool w/ Genuine Distressed Wear leather.
  • SIZE : 34 inches by 36 inches.
  • COLOR : Beige and Other Varying Colors.
  • SUITABILITY: Trail Riding / Endurance / Pleasure Riding / Barrel Racing.
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The saddle blanket is hand crafted using premium quality New Zealand Wool strands weaved tightly together for the required firmness yet maintaining incomparable air ventilation and ease of cleaning. The blanket itself weighs about 5 Lbs. and about a 1/4" thick, which is well over the common standard in the industry, which happens to be between 2-4lbs.

This saddle blanket comes with the option of buying it as-is or having an option of getting it converted into a saddle pad using GEL INSERT, WOOL INSERT or our patent pending SHOCK BUSTER AIR FOAM.

All of the above padding options result in being one of the most innovative and comfortable saddle pads in the market today. All the three are characterized with some of the most distinct and unique features:


wool western saddle pad

The wool padding (WOOL INSERT) has a thick layer of wool sitting in between the top ventilated, washable, wool blanket and the bottom synthetic fur right around the pressure area on the spine. The Wool sheet is composed of COMPRESSED OPEN-CELL WOOL which absorbs the pressure from the weight of the rider and movement of the horse. The open cells provide excellent air and sweat dissipation.


gel western saddle pad

The GEL PADDING has a thick layer of Gel sitting in between the top ventilated, washable, wool blanket and the bottom synthetic fur right around the pressure area on the spine. The Gel sheet is composed HOLLOW CUBES GEL which provide two-way air suction for utmost air ventilation and superb shock absorption that disperses the weight of the rider and reduces pressure points. This gel padding make this an orthopedic pad and provides an excellent shock-absorbing, cool and comfortable fitting to the horse's back.


air western saddle pad

The AIR FOAM SHOCK BUSTER is a patent pending technology Hilason has implemented to get one of the lightest and most comfortable saddle pad compared to its counterparts in the market today. It consists of molecular pebble-shaped "AIR" polymer fused together to form a high ventilated, porous and shock absorbing layer of padding in-between the saddle and the horse's back. Because of the firm yet expansive composition of the material, it enhances saddle fitting. It absorbs pressure from the top because of the rider and the saddle yet maintaining flat and even surfaces underneath that contacts the horse's back. We are confident this will be a game-changer in the horse saddle pad industry.

Some of the distinctive features in all of the padding options are:


The gel insert provides two way air suction by utilizing the patented Hollow-Gel-Cube technology. It sucks out moisture from the surface of the skin replacing it with fresh air and hence maintaining the horse's body temperature. The wool insert used here is natural compressed wool with pores for easy air flow. This allows the sweat to wick away and promotes easy air flow. Air foam padding is quite interesting in the way it facilitates air flow and ventilation. The air pebbles are fairly connected to each other and then disassociation between them provides swift air flow. This passage increase and decreased according to the pressure and movement of the horse and the rider. It is the least when it has no pressure on the top and increases as the pressure and weight increases on it.


Both, the hollow-cube gel insert or the wool insert, disperse the weight of the rider and natural jerks of riding to provide an even weight distribution over a large surfaces of the horse's back keeping it comfortable for a very long time. The air foam insert accommodates pressure but expansion and contraction of the air pebbles based on the pressure it is subjected to. It is conforms to the horse's back, a feature less seen in typical saddle pads.


The multiple layers of Wool blanket, Gel insert or the Air Foam Insert, and the synthetic fleece collectively provide unparalleled shock absorption.


All of the inserts - be it the gel-cube insert, air foam insert or the wool pad, are made of highly durable "Non-Sitting" quality material that will retain its shape even after many years of riding.


All padding options utilize high quality synthetic wool lining, in addition to their structural arrangement, to quickly dissipate moisture from the surface of the skin.

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Additional Info

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