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You are looking at a light weight saddle pad that gives excellent shock absorbing and anti-slip functionality in addition to the cool and comfortable fitting to the horses back. This saddle pad comprises of multiple layers. The top layer is a premium quality. fabric that is breathable washable and can easily be dusted off. It is light weight and porous making it easier for the horse to recover dispensed energy and regulates heat accumulation.The Middle Layer of this pad is composed of SHOCK ABSORBING MEMORY FOAM on both sides of the panels as seen in the picture above. The MEMORY FOAM absorbs the shock caused due to rider;s weight or due to saddle;s movement.The Bottom layer of this pad is made of ANTI-SLIP pebble rubber; otherwise known as Tacky Tack. This material provides stability to the saddle through its Anti-Slip feature and is netted for air ventilation. The breathable; soft textured material prevents hair collection from the horse and can easily be washed.

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